John Heaton – Treehouse Builder

John grew up in San Diego, went to San Diego State University for geriatric therapy, but decided to start his own construction company instead. In 1994, he sold it and moved to the east coast with his wife.

He met Dan Wright at the old Treehouse Supplies shop, and after going on a build in Boston with Dan’s team, John new he’d found a fit, and so had we.

Now, John is a master builder with over 35 years of building experience, and is an integral part of our team. He says his favorite part of construction is the creativity involved. He says, “In the treehouse world, it’s seeing something come together when there’s plan, but it changes because of the trees. You could have a perfect build, but the results differ depending on the tree.”

He is a self-described “sports guy,” and enjoys competition. Although he says our younger builders call him “the old man,” John still plays soccer, surfs, bungee jumps, hikes, mountain bikes, and goes rock climbing.

He has a border collie named Sinjon, he loves drinking and making craft beer, his favorite color is red, and his favorite band is Pink Floyd.