Portland, OR Treehouse Builder

Every once in a while we find a new product or service that is relevant to many of our visitors. Today I met Schuyler from Elevated Living in Portland Oregon. He is a treehouse builder with a design for a suspended single tree platform. He had some help from Charley Greenwood to design the treehouse attachment bolts he needed for his design, and he is willing to travel to install his treehouses, but is mostly focusing on installing them on the great trunks of douglas fir, redwood, and cedar in the Pacific Northwest.

His platforms use four treehouse attachment bolts near the top, and the suspension rods are hidden within the roof system and suspend the four corners of the structure. His preferred size to build is 12×12, which is quite a comfortable space. If anyone has experienced any treehouses by Elevated Design, please comment here and share your reviews.

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  1. corbin says:

    It’s great to see that design; I like it! Thanks for the link.

    Definitely post more blog entries on treehouse stuff….I have been out of the loop and I like finding interesting things like this.


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