3 – New Jersey Treehouse

3 - New Jersey Treehouse

What makes this 3 - New Jersey Treehouse unique is its custom treehouse features and large open windows with retractable pull-downable screens to let nature in. Read more »

10 – Pennsylvania Treehouse

About This Treehouse The 10 - Pennsylvania Treehouse features two dormers in the back, a bay window in the front, a back porch with a gnome door, and an attractive front entrance. The loft adds a nice sleeping area for 2, and the zipline provides a bit of adventure and […] Read more »

16 – Pennsylvania Treehouse

16 - Pennsylvania Treehouse

About This Treehouse The 16 - Pennsylvania Treehouse features two custom Dutch doors leading to an open back deck overlooking a creek in the backyard.  Complete with loft and triple windows on the back wall.  Finish with live edge cedar siding and a metal roof to complete a natural look. […] Read more »

12 – Pennsylvania Treehouse

12 - Pennsylvania Treehouse

Nestled between two pine trees, the 12 - Pennsylvania Treehouse features a wrap-around porch creating more deck space. Complete with two custom doors, one for adults and one for children, and a loft creating an inviting feeling. Finished off with live edge cedar siding and a cedar shake roof. Read more »

1 – Florida Treehouse

1 - Florida Treehouse

With this beautiful 1 - Florida Treehouse, you can expect to have fun all day, every day. An Amazing Rooftop crow’s nest was designed as an alternative to a backyard playset. Read more »

13 – Pennsylvania Treehouse

13 - Pennsylvania Treehouse

It's a pirate's life for this Tree Top Builders customer and their family. This 13- Pennsylvania Treehouse is no joke and has created nautical memories for years to come. Read more »

1 – Michigan Treehouse

1 - Michigan Treehouse

Can you say paradise by the water? We loved creating this lakeside 1- Michigan Treehouse for our clients to enjoy during those warm summer months. Read more »

5 – New York Treehouse

5 - New York Treehouse

About This Treehouse This ultimate treehouse ninja warrior treehouse, 5 - New York Treehouse, was such an exciting build for the team. This treehouse has everything needed to put your skills to the test. From a rock wall to a zipline and more, individuals of all ages will love the […] Read more »

15 – Pennsylvania Treehouse

About This Treehouse The 15 - Pennsylvania Treehouse is a playground that every kid will want in their backyard. A playground located high up in the trees, this treehouse was built to be a kid's paradise. This build features a crow's nest, a swinging rope bridge, a rock wall, a […] Read more »

2 – Illinois Treehouse

About This Treehouse What a beautiful view this family must have while spending time in this treehouse. The 2 - Illinois Treehouse features a wraparound deck complete with two ship's ladders making different entrances a fun experience.  Finished with Adirondack siding and a cedar shake roof. This build is a […] Read more »