Basic Residential Treehouses

These all-American treehouses are what every kid wants in their backyard. Click on any image below for more photos and information about each treehouse.

#B1 – Villanova, PA

#B2 – Rockville, Maryland

#B3 – Boston, MA

#B4 – Columbus, Ohio

#B5 – Lower Merion, PA

#B6 – Potomac, Maryland

#B7 – Norristown, Pennsylvania

#B8 – Narberth, Pennsylvania

#B9 – West Chester, PA

#B10 – Wilmington, Delaware

#B11 – New York

#B12 – Princeton, New Jersey

#B13 – West Chester, PA

We started building backyard treehouses in 2003, and while the average project size and budget has increased over the years, we still enjoy being able to add amazing imaginative spaces for kids and families to use in their trees, especially in our home market of Southeast Pennsylvania. Nothing beats the rewarding feeling when a child sees their very own treehouse for the first time, and their eyes light up, and they either jump up and down yelling “awesome” or they give their parents hugs and say “thank you.” Or, they grab their sleeping bag and a bag of chips and move in as soon as we pack up our tools.

All of our treehouses are built with the same safety precautions, but the standard basic treehouse uses less expensive materials that are easier to install, and is generally focused on creating an arboreal structure with the cost as low as possible. These projects are smaller and simpler than what you may have seen on TV or on other sections of our portfolio, but are about 1/10th the cost and still get you up into the trees.

Basic Information for Standard Backyard Treehouses

  • Projects have a short design phase, and depending on your township, they may not have any engineering requirement, which saves thousands of dollars. Most simple treehouse projects will take 2 weeks to 2 months for design, engineering, and construction. Wait time is usually longer in late spring and early summer.
  • Projects have a low cost due to simple designs, economical materials used, and smaller size. Most backyard treehouse projects will cost $10,000 to $25,000 in our local/regional area of Chester County, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, it is usually not economical for us to build very basic & small treehouse projects more than about 6-8 hours drive away from West Chester, PA, because the travel expenses can be too high a percentage of the overall project budget. Not sure if we’re a good fit for you? It doesn’t hurt to ask. Contact us by phone or email and get your initial questions answered without any sales pressure at all.