Kansas Treehouse

About This Treehouse Why live on the ground when you can live in the trees? The Kansas Treehouse is the perfect place to connect with nature while still having the luxury of living in a home. What makes this treehouse so unique is their grandfather's artwork and inspiration. When this […] Read more »

Massachusetts Treehouse

Massachusetts Treehouse

About This Treehouse This Massachusetts Treehouse is the perfect place to spend some time outside but in the comfort of a house. We loved the creativity and ideas these wonderful customers gave us when helping them design their dream treehouse. The beautiful wood siding and windows, along with the crow's […] Read more »

3 – New Jersey Treehouse

3 - New Jersey Treehouse

What makes this 3 - New Jersey Treehouse unique is its custom treehouse features and large open windows with retractable pull-downable screens to let nature in. Read more »

12 – Pennsylvania Treehouse

12 - Pennsylvania Treehouse

Nestled between two pine trees, the 12 - Pennsylvania Treehouse features a wrap-around porch creating more deck space. Complete with two custom doors, one for adults and one for children, and a loft creating an inviting feeling. Finished off with live edge cedar siding and a cedar shake roof. Read more »

1 – Florida Treehouse

1 - Florida Treehouse

With this beautiful 1 - Florida Treehouse, you can expect to have fun all day, every day. An Amazing Rooftop crow’s nest was designed as an alternative to a backyard playset. Read more »

13 – Pennsylvania Treehouse

13 - Pennsylvania Treehouse

It's a pirate's life for this Tree Top Builders customer and their family. This 13- Pennsylvania Treehouse is no joke and has created nautical memories for years to come. Read more »

1 – Michigan Treehouse

1 - Michigan Treehouse

Can you say paradise by the water? We loved creating this lakeside 1- Michigan Treehouse for our clients to enjoy during those warm summer months. Read more »

4 – New Jersey Treehouse

About This Treehouse The 4 - New Jersey Treehouse is an octagonal, square treehouse designed around multiple trees. This family wanted a giant treehouse to hold family outings, and we provided just that. The treehouse on the left has a spacious interior that provides shelter from any weather. Connected to […] Read more »

5 – New Jersey Treehouse

About This Treehouse The 5 - New Jersey Treehouse is the perfect countryside day trip getaway! We love this treehouse's earthy and rustic look, from the red and tan wood siding to the beautiful staircase and deck. The inside of the treehouse is just as beautiful as the outside, decorated […] Read more »

1 – Arizona Treehouse

1 - Arizona Treehouse

About This Treehouse One of our previous clients loved our design and planning process, so they bought the adjoining property next to them to build more AirBNB-style treehouses such as the 1 - Arizona Treehouse. We love the uniqueness of this build and the country vibes one gets just by […] Read more »