4 – New York Treehouse

4 - New York Treehouse

About This Treehouse Home Sweet Home is all we have to say about the 4 - New York Treehouse! This is the type of treehouse anyone can enjoy all year round. We enjoyed spending time on this fantastic build. The use of paneling outside the treehouse, the tin roof, and […] Read more »

3 – New York Treehouse

3 - New York Treehouse

About This Treehouse The 3 - New York Treehouse is an excellent example of an advanced residential build! We love this build for many reasons, one of them being its outdoor appearance. The build resembles the look of a traditional home, but instead of being on the ground, it's in […] Read more »

1 – New York Treehouse

1 - New York Treehouse

About This Treehouse When people look at this treehouse, they can get a homey feel. The 1 - New York Treehouse has a beautiful, welcoming front entrance with a wide staircase. Inside, the spacious loft has a unique tree limb railing to ensure everyone's safety. How Much Does the 1 […] Read more »

8 – Pennsylvania Treehouse

About This Treehouse As one can tell, this basic build is entirely different from the other builds we've done. The 8- Pennsylvania Treehouse was created as more of venue space for a winery. The stairs allow easy access to the venue space. The space within the treehouse enables a group […] Read more »

5 – Maryland Treehouse

About This Treehouse We never get tired of building these beautiful basic backyard builds. Like many others, the 5 - Maryland Treehouse has a rope ladder, a regular ladder, a spacious loft, a railed-off deck, and plenty of windows. Sometimes we can't help but love the simpler things in life, […] Read more »

6 – Pennsylvania Treehouse

About This Treehouse The 6 - Pennsylvania Treehouse takes our original basic build model, as seen in some of our other builds on the portfolio, but adds a personalized touch. We loved the use of shaker-style siding that they requested. Although built similarly to most of our basic models, the […] Read more »

1 – Virginia Treehouse

About This Treehouse Being one of our newer and more recent builds, the crew at Tree Top Builders had a blast working with this Virginia family to create the 1 - Virginia Treehouse for everyone to enjoy. This one-tree, two-post treehouse has two decks on either side, multiple ladder entrances, […] Read more »

2 – New York Treehouse

About This Treehouse Built in the great state of New York, we loved spending time working on the 2 - New York Treehouse. This two-tree treehouse features our fan-favorite deck that safely wraps around one of the trees, a rope ladder, and a rock wall for an alternative and fun […] Read more »

2 – Maryland Treehouse

About This Treehouse The 2 - Maryland Treehouse is the perfect basic build for children and adults alike. This two-tree treehouse is adorned with a beautiful deck that wraps around the two trees with a loft inside. Outside, the treehouse is decorated with a swing and a bucket pully system […] Read more »