Commercial Treehouse Projects

Welcome to Our Gallery of Commercial Tree Houses.
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Commercial projects intended for public use are a whole different type of project. They are so different that we could probably start a separate division within Tree Top Builders to focus on approaching them in a more focused way. That has not happened to date, but we are familiar with the stages that large projects go through and will work with you to make the project a success in every way. With the rising popularity of treehouses and our prominent name recognition in the industry, inquiries for this type of treehouse are on the rise and we are getting involved in bigger and more amazing projects. Click on the treehouse pictures to see some of the forms that commercial treehouse projects can take.

Basic Information for Commercial Treehouses

  • Commercial Projects have a longer design and engineering phase, due to regulations for commercial use structures and the need for more durable construction methods. Most commercial projects will take 3-18 months for design, engineering, and construction.
  • Commercial Projects have a higher cost due to more thorough design, premium materials used, and higher level of service during and sometimes after construction. Most commercial treehouse projects will cost $50,000 to $600,000.