Treehouse Cost Estimator

All of our treehouses are custom designed and built, so it not possible to give an exact quote for construction cost in a format like this. However, we can understand the need to have an idea of costs and options before making an inquiry with our friendly treehouse design staff. So we invite you to select the type of treehouse you want, and see approximately what that type of treehouse may cost. More importantly, this page will help you understand the major variables which affect the cost of a treehouse.

It’s Easy!

An estimate of total construction cost appears below once you fill in all of the selections. You can then change selections and see what effect it has on the price. Just keep in mind, it’s an estimate based on limited inputs, not an exact price quote. The treehouse construction cost estimator is actually still in BETA (so we appreciate feedback). We have tested it some and it’s usually within 10-20% of what actual construction costs will be for average treehouses, which is hopefully helpful enough for you at this stage. The estimates are often too low for very small treehouses that are far away from West Chester, PA, and sometimes too high for very high end & large treehouses. There are reasons for this that would require a long explanation, so please have some fun with this estimate program, but if you’re seriously in the market for a treehouse, then give us a chance to provide you with a more customized, accurate, and fair quotation based on our actual costs to build your specific project.

Please note, a typical, basic treehouse or platform start at $6,000 – $8,000

What if My Treehouse Costs Too Much!

We’re very sorry to hear that. If it’s close, then please contact us anyway, because we personally review each quote and will give you the best possible price based on factors that aren’t on this cost estimator form. If it’s not close, then there are a few lower cost options for treehouses that may work better for you:

  1., has dozens of treehouse plans and custom tree attachment bolts (TABs) for sale. You may be handy enough to tackle the project yourself or to hire a local carpenter to eliminate travel costs to your location. has DIY videos that help first time treehouse builders, and free phone support for customers.
  2. You might be interested in having us build the platforms only, and you could build the railings, stairs, and house portions of the project.
  3. If this still isn’t getting the price down to something you can handle, then a custom designed treehouse might just not be in the cards for you at this time. Don’t stop dreaming. You never know what the future might hold. In the meanwhile, you could consider a pre-fab swing set, shed or gazebo as lower cost options for enjoying your outdoor spaces.
  4. If you don’t like the costs of building your own treehouse, then we can now invite you to visit Treehouse World, our treehouse themed adventure park, where you can have a blast for the day riding ziplines, climbing trees, and running through the canopy on our bridges and creative treehouses. This is the best option if you don’t have a yard, trees, and a budget to build your own treehouse – just come enjoy our treehouses instead!

Is There Any More Information About Pricing for Treehouses?

Why yes, there is! We have a treehouse pricing page which explains in more detail the various factors that affect the total cost of our treehouses.