Do you sell Do-It-Yourself Treehouse Kits or Treehouse Plans?

Treehouse Supplies Company
In 2009, we decided to offer our treehouse plans, kits, and hardware for other builders to purchase and build their own treehouses. However, we are doing this through a sister company called Treehouse Supplies, Inc or Rest assured, there is cooperation between both companies and Treehouse Supplies produces the hardware that we use for our top quality projects. If you wish to build your own treehouse, then check out the Treehouse Supplies website where you will find:

There are numerous websites that sell simpler treehouse plans, but please be warned that we have never seen off the shelf plans that use professional grade tree house fasteners and most of the treehouse designs cause excess harm to the poor trees both immediately and over time. They have their place in the market, but our plans are for those who want to protect their trees and maximize the strength of the project over time. Just know that there is a difference while shopping around.

Treehouse Supplies can also aid in production of custom tree house plans including materials lists and phone or on site support. If you want a high quality, safe, and long lasting tree house, then you have found the right place. They are always available to answer your construction questions as you build your tree house.

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