Green Magic Homes Builder


Tree Top Builders is a certified builder of Green Magic Homes serving the northeast and mid-atlantic regions and some surrounding states. We are expanding our ability to serve the eco-tourism and vacation rental markets, and giving our customers more choices besides treehouses. Green Magic Homes are a great addition to our portfolio. Whether over tree, or underground, Tree Top Builders is there on the forefront of creative eco-friendly lodging.

The Process of Building a Green Magic Home

The shell is made and shipped by Green Magic Homes. Tree Top Builders will be there to unpack and install the Green Magic Home. Depending on our agreement, Tree Top Builders can provide a complete turn-key construction service, or we can let you work with your general contractor for the build out while we install the shell for your contractor. Green Magic Homes are only installed by certified installers like Tree Top Builders. The process is generally the same as for other similar construction projects:

  • Design Phase (work with us and Green Magic Homes to choose and customize your project)
  • Submit plans for a building permit
  • Secure your order and your construction agreement
  • Build your Green Magic Home with Tree Top Builders
  • Inspections as required
  • Finishing Touches of landscaping and moving in

Technology of Green Magic Homes

We love the Green Magic Homes building methods. We have seen the technology improve over the years, making the structures larger, more versatile, better insulated, and easier to ship and install. We are proud to partner with this great manufacturer and offer some really exciting underground home options to our clients.

Why Build Underground

While we still build treehouses, building unique structures either fully underground or made to look underground has the same magical appeal. Underground architecture blends into nature easily and taps into the imagination just the same. The technology allows for much higher insulation values, making Green Magic Homes an environmentally friendly choice, especially in extremely hot or extremely cold climates.

Treehouses and Underground Green Magic Homes

When building or expanding resort properties, we look to offer both Green Magic Homes and our Treehouse units. There are pros & cons to each, but they both are a draw to vacationers who want a unique lodging experience. Why not several of each and let customers decide?