Green Magic Homes Certified Builder

Green Magic Homes Builder

Tree Top Builders is a certified builder of Green Magic Homes (GMH) serving the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions. We serve the eco-tourism and vacation rental markets as well as unique residential homes. Our passion is creating unique structures that amaze people and also mastering cutting-edge building technologies to build the most creative homes. Green Magic Homes fit right into our vision. The owner is extremely quality-focused and passionate about every detail of every construction project using their patented technology.

The Building Process

Green Magic Home desires to work with each client during the design and engineering phase, and then ship the component via shipping container(s) to the project site. It is a good idea to coordinate with Green Magic Homes and Tree Top Builders at the beginning, as you will have a relationship with both companies and we want to make sure that we can communicate well and deliver for you. After your home is constructed and shipped, you will contract with Tree Top Builders to assemble and install the home. GMH ensures that each Certified Builder is trained in the best structural practices and waterproofing techniques. When built correctly, building a Green Magic Home will be a long-lasting and eco-friendly investment.

Green Magic Homes Technology

We love the Green Magic Homes product. We have seen the technology improve over the years, making the structures larger, more versatile, better insulated, and easier to ship and install. The company has real, passionate people running it, with a vision to save energy, create beauty, and change the world. We are proud to partner with this great manufacturer and offer our clients some exciting underground home options.

As the first Certified Builder in the northeast and mid-Atlantic states, we want to bring this technology to as many people as possible. The style speaks for itself – light, airy, modern, and natural, it is unlike any other home options on the market. The strength achieved with the least amount of building material makes the structure efficient with low construction waste. The ongoing savings in energy costs are good for the earth and your wallet. Building homes for such a visionary and conscientious company is an honor.