Scott Mackenzie – Tree House Designer

Scott is our go-to guy for treehouse design services. He works for us on an occasional basis in two fashions:

  1. To serve clients who want to receive 3D images as part of the design process
  2. To design and modify our treehouse bolt & bracket designs into the proper format for ordering.

Since graduating from Penn State, Scott has two decades of experience designing and drafting and selling custom home renovations, addittions, and now tree houses. His understanding of the total design build process allows him to carefully create a tree house design from each clients’ ideas and vision and then to help the treehouse builders execute the tree house plan to exacting standards of quality.

Scott uses Autocad and 3D Google Sketch-up to show each client what their tree house will look like before they make the decision whether or not to build the treehouse. Why is this step so important for some people? It not only enables the client to better envision the finished tree house, but it allows them to make changes easily without having to start the treehouse design process over from scratch. Because all of this happens before the first nail is driven, clients don’t incur extra expenses for on site modifications to the tree house plans, and the trees don’t suffer from modifying tree house attachment points or fasteners which become superfluous. Good tree house plans help keep the tree house project on budget and as expected.

During all these years, Scott has maintained a passion for wood-working and is often found in his workshop building furniture, crafts, built-ins, and clocks. Sometimes designing these intricate pieces is just as much fun as building them. Scott is also developing knowledge and love for trees, and may someday become an ISA certified arborist. His increased knowledge of tree biology and growth make his tree house plans safer, longer lasting, and minimally invasive to the trees.

Some of Scott’s greatest childhood memories are of when he spent countless hours playing in his friend’s tree house and even camping out overnight. By being involved with Tree Top Builders, Scott is now able to help younger generations achieve the same great memories in their own tree houses.