Escape to the Treetops: Building an Airbnb Treehouse

Countryside Hideaway

The High Demand for Unique Accommodations Treehouses are one of the most sought-after experiences for travelers seeking unique and adventurous accommodations. While the idea of a treehouse may seem whimsical and far-fetched, building an Airbnb treehouse can be a profitable and rewarding venture for those who love living in the […] Read more »

Can a Treehouse Damage a Tree?

Bolts and Brackets, Preventing Treehouse Damage

Treehouse Damage and Trees Treehouses are a childhood dream come true for many of us. There's something magical about having your little hideaway high up in the trees, surrounded by nature. However, as we become aware of the environmental impact, it's natural to ask whether building a treehouse can damage […] Read more »

What it Takes to Build A Treehouse Home

Tropical Getaway

Living in the Trees Became so Much Easier As the saying goes, “Home is Where the Heart Is”! Why settle for something basic when you can enjoy the comforts of home in one of the most incredible destinations, a Treehouse Home! With fantastic engineering feats, permanently living in a treehouse […] Read more »

Tree Top Builders Workshop

Treehouse Building Workshop

Do You Want To Learn How to Build a Treehouse? Then join the Tree Top Builders Workshop! Treehouse World, Treehouse Supplies, and Tree Top Builders are proud to host the Tree Top Builders Workshop to teach the craft of treehouse construction. We care about building in a tree-friendly, safe, and […] Read more »

4 – New Jersey Treehouse

About This Treehouse The 4 - New Jersey Treehouse is an octagonal, square treehouse designed around multiple trees. This family wanted a giant treehouse to hold family outings, and we provided just that. The treehouse on the left has a spacious interior that provides shelter from any weather. Connected to […] Read more »

1 – Arizona Treehouse

1 - Arizona Treehouse

About This Treehouse One of our previous clients loved our design and planning process, so they bought the adjoining property next to them to build more AirBNB-style treehouses such as the 1 - Arizona Treehouse. We love the uniqueness of this build and the country vibes one gets just by […] Read more »

4 – New York Treehouse

4 - New York Treehouse

About This Treehouse Home Sweet Home is all we have to say about the 4 - New York Treehouse! This is the type of treehouse anyone can enjoy all year round. We enjoyed spending time on this fantastic build. The use of paneling outside the treehouse, the tin roof, and […] Read more »

3 – New York Treehouse

3 - New York Treehouse

About This Treehouse The 3 - New York Treehouse is an excellent example of an advanced residential build! We love this build for many reasons, one of them being its outdoor appearance. The build resembles the look of a traditional home, but instead of being on the ground, it's in […] Read more »

2 – New Jersey Treehouse


About This Treehouse The 2 - New Jersey Treehouse is another one of our amazing classic basic builds. This 1 Tree- 2 Post treehouse is the perfect addition for anyone looking to spruce up their backyard! Featuring the popular loft area inside the treehouse, dual ladders used to get inside the […] Read more »