Tanya – Designer & Business Manager

Tanya is an accomplished interior designer and project manager with over 20 years experience.   She contributes a dedicated ambition for taking a project from inception to completion and by providing critical design concepts to the clients to assure their desires are met.  She has imparted her attention to detail in the construction, interior design, real estate and renewable energy industries allows her to provide expertise in many aspects of the design process.

She was raised by a creative family; her father a well known architect and engineer in Delaware and her mother a nationally known artist specializing in murals, portraits and animals in their natural habitats.  Tanya was born in Montchanin, Delaware and spent much of her time in Florida, Oklahoma and Texas.  Most of her Summer’s were spent in the woods of Montchanin, enjoying walks with her dog.  She built her first treehouse when she was 12, using her father’s leftover building materials.  She built it on the side of a pine at about 24 ft. high.  It’s no surprise it did not pass her parents approval at such soaring heights, but her desire to enjoy the outdoors was apparent.  When Tanya was young, she learned construction through weekend projects with her father.  She would work with him on projects such as; building a deck in a day for a party the family was the throwing the following day or renovating the second story of an old blacksmith’s barn into a living space with a loft.

Tanya is energetic and organized and enjoys the diversity of her role here at Tree Top Builders…from sales and marketing to designing tree houses for clients.  She still enjoys taking walks in the woods with her dog & son, and rock climbing or swimming in the summer months.