Tree House Portfolio

Welcome to Our Gallery of Tree Houses

Our Tree House Portfolio has 4 types of treehouse projects. Click on the images to see examples of each type of treehouse we build.

Basic Treehouses
Our high quality take on the classic all-American backyard treehouse. These projects generally cost $8,000 - $30,000 in our area (Chester County, Pennsylvania).

Advanced Treehouses
High end residential treehouses have more complex designs, use premium materials, are more finished looking inside & out, and may have multiple platforms and levels. Typical construction cost ranges from $30,000 - $90,000.

Rental Retreat Style Treehouses
For luxury accommodations or tiny home living, these treehouses are larger, have bathrooms and kitchens, and are often booked solid 6-9 months in advance. Each unit typically costs $60,000 - $160,000 with economies of scale for multiple projects commissioned at one time.

Commercial Treehouse Projects
Commercial use treehouses are designed to maximize participant interaction, traffic flow, and minimize maintenance. Normal design & construction costs range from $50,000 - $750,000.