Tree Houses by Tree Top Builders

We specialize in building custom treehouses and other structures attached to trees. Yes, it is our full time job. Yes, we love what we do. And yes – we’re the best in the business.

  • We Love Trees – We have a certified arborist on staff and design to minimize tree impact.
  • We Live for Creative Carpentry – Building unique treehouses with select materials.
  • We Make Arboreal Dreams Come True – Earning your satisfaction, trust, and appreciation every step of the way.

Whether you want us to build an amazing treehouse for you, or support your project with plans & materials, we will impress you with our expertise and professionalism and give you the best quality service and craftsmanship.

– Dan Wright

Building all Kinds of Treehouses, etc

A treehouse is a club house, a mountain retreat, a bed & breakfast, an addition to your home, an exhibit at a museum, a home office, an observation platform, a work of art, or even an adventure course. A treehouse can look like a castle, a boat, a fort, a shack, a bird’s nest, a space ship, or a little house with any architectural style you choose.

Tree Top Builders is available for building, designing, or inspections of any tree attached structures. This includes treehouses, challenge courses, zip lines, and rope swings… or anything else having to do with living trees.

The Process of Building


Every treehouse begins with a conversation, a sketch, a picture, a story, or something you provide that helps us feel your vision and understand your goals for the project. We want to get to know you so that we don’t apply a one-size-fits-all approach to your project. We’ve built over 300 tree houses and so we will bring creative ideas and expertise to your trees, but we also want to breathe life into your unique dream. To start the process, please call or tree-mail us.
Design: Design is the process of taking your vision and goals and your trees and creating a project that is structurally sound, functional, and attractive looking. It is best for one of us to visit your project site, create a tree layout, and suggest design options in a meeting with you. We can also create preliminary designs and estimates based on pictures and measurements that you send to us. We can also create full construction prints or 3D renderings that are used for permit applications or for visualization of the potential project.
Once the design is set, we create an agreement that spells out all of the terms necessary to define your project and the costs. We are able to commit to contract pricing in most cases, but occasionally, depending on your preferences, we can also work on a Time & Materials basis. All treehouses are unique. They can cost between $8,000 and $800,000, depending on whether it is a simple backyard clubhouse or a 1500 square foot luxury living space. Our portfolio, treehouse cost calculator and pricing page will help you learn what to expect.
We typically provide full service construction for our clients – that means that we take care of everything from start to finish. Our expert climbers and master carpenters will impress you with their skill and attention to detail. We also can provide partial building service, where we construct part of the project and then you or your local builder finish. Finally, we have a good success rate providing plans, tree attachment bolts (TABs), and top notch support for DIYers to build their own projects start to finish.