Tree Top Builders Spring Workshop

Have you ever wanted to build your own treehouse but wanted a proper education first before doing so? Then, the Tree Top Builders Annual Spring and Fall workshops are the perfect place to do so. Visitors traveled to Treehouse World, to take part in a weekend-long, hands-on seminar, learning about […] Read more »

Best Treehouses of 2020

Well, folks, 2020 is finally over. We at Tree Top Builders are making it our new year’s resolution to show off a little more of our work in 2021. Let’s start with our favorite builds from the past year. Best Custom Deck of 2020 Our first custom build is a […] Read more »

In the News: InTREEguing Design


Our Owner, Dan Wright was recently interviewed by a journalist, Mary G. Pepitone regarding the popularity of treehouses and many peoples dream to build them or vacation in them.  "Trees are a connection to nature, and I like to build treehouses that get people up into them," he says. "... having a […] Read more »

Spotted Lanternfly “Spotted” at Treehouse World

The Spotted Lanternfly was first observed at Treehouse World in August, 2018. The Lanternfly is known to feed on and lay eggs on about 60 native species, including many well common Pennsylvania species located on our property such as Sycamore, Walnut, Oak, Maple, and Cherry. The preferred host of the […] Read more »