Can a Treehouse Damage a Tree?

Bolts and Brackets, Preventing Treehouse Damage

Treehouse Damage and Trees Treehouses are a childhood dream come true for many of us. There's something magical about having your little hideaway high up in the trees, surrounded by nature. However, as we become aware of the environmental impact, it's natural to ask whether building a treehouse can damage […] Read more »

Advanced Custom Builds VS. Rental Retreat Treehouses

The Difference Between: Advanced Custom Builds

The Difference Between Treehouses The Advanced Custom Build VS. The Rental Retreat Treehouses   We’ve Built Them All Custom treehouses, ziplines, and other tree-attachable features are our areas of expertise at Tree Top Builders. We are often asked, "What makes a certain type of treehouse different from the other?" after […] Read more »

A Closer Look: Understanding Hardware

Lag Bolt

The Durability of Your Build You’ve just secured your first treehouse build; how exciting! At Tree Top Builders, we handle all the hard stuff, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the building process. Were you looking to be more involved with your backyard build? We can help you […] Read more »

The Use of Glulams in Building Treehouses

Glulam by Kalesnikoff

From the Ground Up One of the most exciting challenges of treehouse design is finding ways to build large structures supported by trees. While sometimes necessary, incorporating posts to the ground can affect a treehouse’s aesthetic appeal, limit “play space” beneath the treehouse, and even run the risk of damaging […] Read more »

The Future of the Treehouse Industry


The Standard for Treehouses The treehouse industry has grown exponentially over the past several years. With the arrival of COVID-19, many individuals were looking for alternatives to their yearly vacations and found treehouses to be the perfect solution. What better way to relax, save money and stay safe than with […] Read more »

More Than Treehouses

What Else Do We Offer? At Tree Top Builders, we are experts at building unique and exciting treehouses. As a growing business, we also like to challenge ourselves with new, out-of-the-box types of builds as an alternative option for our customers. We’ve been expanding our repertoire from rope swings to […] Read more »

Checking A Tree’s Health

The summer of 2022 is in full swing. While some people like to go out of town on vacations, others take a different approach and enjoy a backyard vacation instead. Read more »

Escape to the Treetops: Building an Airbnb Treehouse

Countryside Hideaway

The High Demand for Unique Accommodations Treehouses are one of the most sought-after experiences for travelers seeking unique and adventurous accommodations. While the idea of a treehouse may seem whimsical and far-fetched, building an Airbnb treehouse can be a profitable and rewarding venture for those who love living in the […] Read more »

The Difference Between Treehouses

The Difference Between: Advanced Custom Builds

We've Built Them All! At Tree Top Builders, we specialize in custom treehouses, ziplines, and other structures that can be attached to trees. With the variety of treehouses we have built, we are asked, "What is the difference between treehouses"? Building a treehouse can be difficult, especially when you don't […] Read more »