Treehouse Guest Rooms, Hotels, and Retreats

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Going beyond the basic backyard treehouse, these projects tend to have more square footage and more amenities to make them more comfortable for guests to spread out and stay a while. Instead of cargo nets, slides, and fireman's poles, these tend to have furniture, expansive decks, large windows, kitchenette's & bathrooms. The style can be modern or rustic, or anything you can dream up. Our designer gets excited about unique projects. This company is driven by creativity and skill, from the owner to the designer to the carpenter.

The site visit and design process is thorough, and you will receive scale drawings of the whole concept before we proceed to quote the construction process. They are so different that we could probably start a separate division within Tree Top Builders to focus on approaching them in a more focused way. Click on the treehouse pictures to explore some of our higher-end treehouses for guest rooms, retreat getaways, hotels, bed & breakfasts, and home offices.

Basic Information for Rental Lodging and Retreat Treehouses

  • Higher end treehouse projects have a longer design and engineering phase, due to regulations for lodging, commercial use, and the general desire to build higher quality and more aesthetically pleasing and convenient structures. These projects often have electricity and plumbing and can be outfitted to have all of the modern conveniences of a ground home. Most treehouse projects intended for overnight accommodations will take 3-9 months for design, engineering, and construction.
  • These projects have a higher cost than the basic backyard treehouses due to a larger size, more complex design, premium materials used, and a higher level of service during and after sometimes after construction. Most treehouse hotel or getaway type projects cost $70,000 to $150,000.