Tree House Building Workshops

We are primarily a tree house “building” company. However, we realize that most tree houses will be built as family projects or by local contractors. We fully support that and want to help people learn how to build tree houses properly to avoid excess damage to trees or practices that are not safe. Join us for the next workshop if you want to learn the best practices in tree house building today.

Upcoming Workshop Information:

Treehouse Building Workshop Details Here

In 2015, Dan Wright, our founder, established Treehouse World, a treehouse themed adventure park in West Chester, PA. Treehouse World is ideally suited to host workshops and conferences for aspiring treehouse builders with many treehouses and ziplines on site to learn from. We also present at industry and trade conferences such as ACCT or other venues by request.

For more information or to register, please contact Treehouse World which is hosting all future workshop events. We are still involved in teaching at the workshops and you’ll get to meet and interact with a lot of our staff, but Treehouse World is hosting and handling all matters of administration including registration for the workshops.